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Homeopathic remedy for sinus congestion and inflammation.

Sinus congestion, inflammation? Sinupas™ can help!

Sinupas™ Drops from Pascoe are a homeopathic remedy to relieve sinus and nasal congestion and inflammation. They are a great alternative to antibiotics and are available over-the-counter. The drops work to provide fast decongestant relief from:

  • Sinusitis / Chronic sinusitis and acute sinusitis
  • Sinus infection / Chronic and acute sinus infection
  • Congestion due to cold and flu
  • Inflammation due to infection

Sinupas™ provides relief by unblocking the nasal passages and easing inflammation.

When should you take Sinupas™?

Sinupas™ can be taken at the first signs and symptoms of sinusitis, or when experiencing nasal / sinus congestion due to a cold or flu.

How should you take Sinupas™?

Sinupas™ is easy to take - just dilute a few drops into a glass of water and sip. Suitable for all ages - including infants - Sinupas™ comes in 50 mL drops for adjustable dosing, including acute dosing, and has excellent tolerability.

Fast and effective nasal and sinus congestion relief from Sinupas™

Sinupas™ Drops provide fast and effective relief from nasal and sinus congestion. The drops can be as effective, or more effective than nasal sprays.